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Premium #2 Heating Oil
EcoGard Tanks
J Hanlon Oil Company Products
We take pride in our timely delivery of heating oil to ensure the comfort of each of our customers. We also offer competetive pricing for gas conversions, hydro air systems and air conditioning.

We are the tank removal and installation experts!  We specialize in replacement underground tanks with interstitial monitoring as well as above ground replacments.  Be sure to call us for all of your tank removal needs!

If you have any questions regarding our products or would like more information, please contact us:
Premium #2 Heating Oil delivered timely to your home via our automated delivery system
The polyurethane coating could resist pressure up to 25 psi (maximum operating pressure is 1 psi.), ensuring high safety and protection against leakage caused by corrosion.
Whether you're interested in standard boilers or hydronic, we're the contractor for you.  We always offer state of the art equipment designed to meet any budget.
​Your Tank Removal Specialists

Confined spaces and weather are not a challenge for our expert equipment operators.